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Civil War Letter from James Carter of Pembroke Maine 1864

Civil War Letter from James Carter of Pembroke Maine 1864
Civil War Soldier Maine Infantry
Here are excerpts from a letter James Carter sent to "Sister" Annie in 1864:

West Pembroke

Sep. 13/64

Sister Annie

Will’s family are all well. You do not seem to keep posted in family affairs of your relations for Will’s family consists of four children, on boy and three girls so it seems that little Louella, three and a half years old, and Minnie Imogene or something like that, born last April are entire strangers to you.....

You speak of your revolver and swords and the old musket that my Grandfather carried in the old Revolutionary War. It is more than one hundred years old, has been in two wars and is good for another. I think you and E. would fight a great battle, rather think you would take Richmond before soon if you was out there.

Brother Lewis is home on furlough sick from the effects of a sunstroke. He is some better. Allen Brown is also home on furlough sick from the same cause. He is getting quite smart again. There is only thirty of their Reg[iment] left fit for duty and only two of their Company. They belong to Company “B”, 31. Some are buried at Spottsylvania, in the Wilderness before Petersburg, and some are in the hospital.

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Credits: Image: Portrait of Pvt. George Henry Graffam, Company B, 30th Maine Infantry. U.S.A., age 18 Repository: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA

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