Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Civil War Memoir: Christian Rheinlander, 18th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

The following is from Grand Army of the Republic ~ Department of New York ~ Personal War Sketches of the Members of Charles P. Sprout Post No. 76, of Lockport

Sprout who was with the New York 28th Infantry was killed in Action at Cedar Mountain, Virginia on August 9, 1862

Christian Rheinlander
Born, Denmark
Company “K”, 18th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

…The first battle in which I was engaged was at Rappahannock Station, Va.… Was taken prisoner by Rebel Infantry, October 1st 1864 between Weldon and South side Railroads. Was confined in Salisbury Prison, N.C., April 12, 1865. A few of my most intimate comrades were Capt. Murray, Sergeant (now) Capt. Beck.

The most important event connected with my service was my escape from Rebel Prison. On the 12th of December, 1864, the prisoners in Salisbury Prison made a break for liberty, but failed. Got a good thrashing. Killed and wounded about sixty-five of us, but on April 12, 1865, together with thirty-nine others,

I succeeded in making my escape by jumping form a train of cars on which we were being removed from one Prison to another. Just as it was starting out from Salisbury on account of United States Cavalry making a Raid on the City on their way from West Virginia into North Carolina. Will add that when I was discharged, I received form the U.S. Gov’t, 3 months’ pay as an escaped prisoner. In making our escape, five of us were killed.

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