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With content letter Drunkards Society, Temperance Item number: 170142703705

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1831-1846 Goss Family Letters - New Hampshire

Nice lot of 1831-1846 handwritten letters, mostly sent to Roxanna Goss of Gilford, Strafford County, New Hampshire from family members and friends. All but one with personl content. (15) pieces total -- (13) letters and two notes. Some with address covers -- four postally sent, including 1831 cover with manuscript Gilford Village N.H., Aug. 9. [See scan and info on Daniel Goss letter below.]

The writers include: Louisa C. Bickford, Alton; Abigail R. Hatch, Gilford; Joshua Goss; Elizabeth T. Hadley, West Camton [?]; J. M. Sargent, Danvers; Polly Berry, Strafford. An 1831 letter from her distraught brother, Daniel Goss, contains the sad news that his wife just died leaving four small children, including one that needs to go to a wet nurse.

Particularly enjoyable letters are the four, plus one note, 1840-41, from cousin Mary Ann Goss of Portsmouth, NH. In an 1840 letter she writes that she recently travelled from Alton to Portsmouth and drove every step of the way by herself, "and no accident occured."

c. Jan. 1841 note - "I have just been over and got your Wig. It is certainly a beauty...Oh how I wish I could run up and see how you look. Roxy you are a Whig now most assuredly. There is no mistake. Hurra for Old Tip. General Harrison must and will be elected."

Reformed Drunkards

Aug. 28, 1841, 2pp., quarto - "Oh! cousin Roxy the temperance cause goes ahead in this town, and indeed, all throughout the different states - Probably you have heard of the Washington Reformed Drunkards Society which was first formed in Baltimore. It consists chiefly of men who have been poor, degraded, drunkards, and have reformed and become sober, respectable men...their wives are no longer mortified with the disgraceful sight of their husbands reeling to and fro across the streets nor their children ashamed nor afraid to see their father come home."; "I wish you could hear them lecture. They expose any one no matter whether it is Lawyer, Doctor, Deacon, or Minister, who has any thing to do with Alcohol either in shape of Rum, Gin, Brandy or Whiskey Wine or Sherry - or whatever. The take the poor drunkard by the hand, raise him from the mud and dirt, take him to a room prepared for the purpose, have him cleaned, if he wants clothes give them to him...they then after he is perfectly sober persuade him to sign the pledge and send him to his family an altered man."

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Herbert W. Swan. Most to Shelburne Falls Massachusetts


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73 Total - [71] Handwritten Letters - Correspondence. [2] Typed. All To: H.[Herbert] W. Swan. Most to Shelburne Falls Massachusetts & a few Longwood Florida. From: Most from H.S. Swan [Father] Written on Family business Undertaker Furniture, Carpets & Paper Hanging Letterhead. Shelburne Falls Mass. Most of the letters are addressed from Boston MA. So Herbert Sr. had taken the letterhead stationery with him while in Massachusetts General Hospital recovering from a illness, possibly TB. Few letters from other family members & a few letters from Sr. in 1895 still running the business. 1891 & 1895. [65] 1891 Undertaker Stationery - [5] 1891 Waltham MA. & [3] 1895 Undertaker Stationery. The Son has taken over the family undertaker business. Letters Mention In Part: They have just carried out the Sailor that was brought in 3 or 4 days ago - The man that was shot by burglar was brought into the ward, he is getting along well - The fireman is getting along - Doctors names & treatments mentioned - Swollen tongue - Patients coming and going - Exercise the Colts - You can do the undertaking - Writer advising his son on the business - Keep the business going - My lung improving - Glad to hear the horses are doing swell do hope you will try to keep them quiet so you can depend upon them for a hearse team - New Horses - The fireman that fell 40 or 50 feet off of the Theater sometime ago is up walking - This morning is very warm but smokey we think from the Western Fires - No cough, feel first rate - Frank riding his wheel - We have a lively ward - If the Buggy is to much broken you can get the buggy in the Woodward barn - How is the papering business - [1895] Yesterday the Funeral of the Thayer baby, the snow was so deep we put it in the Tomb for now. We have a very good road to the tomb but no further, we used the hearse alll right - & More. VG Cond. Most w/ Envelopes. Most w/ Stamps

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Charleston, South Carolina Letters

Lot of over 20 Documents 19th Century Charleston SC ! Item number: 200143571410

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This is really a fascinating grouping of antebellum through late 19th century attorney's papers from the historic "Holy City" of Charleston, South Carolina. I've listed this as over twenty pieces, but actually I counted up to about 30. Many individual papers are attached and grouped together. It seems this little cache originated with one of the many lawyers in Charleston working from just prior to the American Civil War (yes, I refer to it as well as the War of Northern Aggression) up through the end of the 1800's. One letterhead references the firm of Simons, Siegling, and Capelmann at 46-48 Broad Street. One of these documents references Thomas F. Purse of the city who, interestingly, is found (not in these papers) purchasing slaves from a free black woman of Charleston in 1831 (ref. Larry Koger: Free Black Masters in SC). In these documents pertain to Purse as well as "The Protestant Episcopal Church of St. Phillips vs. William Purse," and includes a hand drawn plat of the "public square" at Broad and Meeting Streets, along with a brief history of a lot (#71 Broad) which was in dispute. This William Purse, I would assume, is the 18th and early 19th century Charleston silversmith. There are tax records included, also another hand drawn plat and papers pertaining to the "village of New Summerville" in 1856. Another interesting document is headed "United States of American vs. Sixty Seven Barrels Distilled Spirits," a 19th century South Carolina distillery. Another hand drawn plat shows lots on Meeting and Wolfe Street. There is really a huge amount of material here, more than I can sort through without a better working knowledge of Charleston family and place names.

1873 Williamsport Thomas Morgan

1873 Williamsport PA Overseer Poor Distr Court Document Item number: 220141990470

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This listing consists of a legal paper size, 1873/1874 court document, Michael OConner vs The Overseers of the Poor of the City of Williamsport. All handwritten. Some of it states: abt Plff claims for boarding 1873 Williamsport Thomas Morgan a Pauper of the City of Williamsport. Demand $36 at the instance of Deft continued to ..............................Parties appear Michael OConner sev. John McGrath sev., A.R. Moore sev., David Trainer (?_ sev. dontined to pay.......P.(?) A. Borman held in the sum of one hundred dollars conditioned for the payment of all costs ........Signed by George A Cramer, Alderman & his handwritten seal. More handwriting on back when folded.

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Charley Hopkinson 1871 Great Chicago Fire Letter

1871 Great Chicago Fire Letter on ICRR Co Lettersheet Item number: 190143027346

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Very Nice Original Nov.13th,1871 Great Chicago Fire Letter from A Worker at The Illinois Central Railroad Company.This letter was mailed back to Maine and tells about the rebuilding of Chicago, about a month after the great fire.The letter states how rapidity buildings are being put up again,how a friend Dr. Hanson was not burned out, how another friend [Charley Hopkinson] is making at his brick laying and doing well, plus family news. In very good condition with small tear to right center fold mark,see pictures,measuring about 7 5/8" wide x 9 7/8" long and written in black ink front and backside of the lettersheet. Great addition to all original Chicago Great Fire Historical Memorabilia collections.

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OLD WEST KANSAS FEVER - U of M ANNOUNCEMENT Item number: 330156730187

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16 Total Handwritten Michigan Letters - Correspondence. Pre Civil War And Beyond. Most Pre Civil War 1856 - 1868. one undated & one incomplete[ no closing] Family & Friends. To: Mahlon A. Smith, Louise Reddick Smith & Helen. From: Louise Reddick, Brother J.B. Reddick, Corrine B. Smith, Helen S. DeLander [?], Will, B. Smith & Mother. From the cities of: Grand Rapids, Jackson, Albion, Girard, Niles & Sharon Michigan. Also Extras: [1] Newspaper poem clipping - [1] Pre Civil War 1860 Clever Fellows Festival, Wesleyan Seminary Albion Michigan Reunion Announcement & [1] Chi Psi Fraternity Anniversary, Michigan University 1853 Announcement. Letters Mention In Part: Teaching positions - Train travel - Hauling brick to the depot - Piano music piece "Old Old Home" - Friends and Family news - Albion commencement, I will be in Ann Arbor in June. Dearest friend of my school days writting from Dr. Tuttles - Took the Omnibus ? the Union School, splendid building, beautifully located - At Albion found Elder Cogshall at the depot, took tea - Fine time at the Society - I thought you might not receive as many Valentines this year - School teaching - Preparing Father & Brother for a journey to Kansas - The Kansas Fever, for such I may style it. I presume is common in your part of the state, a number have left from Niles and more intend to going though none have joined the Company organized in the eastern part of the state, many will be discouraged and return from the unsettled condition [1856] & More. Most VG Cond. Most w/ envelopes - some stamps

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Charles Brogli of Jessamine County State of Kentucky; Ida Troxtell of Newport State of Kentucky

1914 framed ornate Marriage Certificate, Kentucky Item number: 130144055378

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Today's marriage licenses are rather sterile, kind of like driver's licenses. This certificate shows that in Kentucky, in 1914, marriage was indeed a joyous union! The large "Certificate of Marriage" is quite ornate, bordered in white lace with lace rosettes at each corner featuring blue ribbon bows. Below the litho's title is a wedding bell surrounded by flocks of doves and angels, flanked by cartouches featuring pastoral scenes. Reading "This Certifies That Charles Brogli of Jessamine County State of Kentucky; Ida Troxtell of Newport State of Kentucky were by me UNITED IN MARRIAGE according to the Ordinance of God and the Laws of the State of Kentucky at Lexington on the 25th day of March A. D. 1914. s/ Chas. P. Dodd, J. P. Flo., Witnesses: Chas. Finnell, Lena Ballard". All of this is amid a garden of flowers, of which I recognize roses, lilies-of-the-valley, and dogwood. The frame is about thirteen and one-half by nineteen inches. The lithograph is identified by its maker in the lower left corner below the lace rosette, but "Chicago, Ill." is visible. The ink is severely faded and fully legible only with an alternate light source or when viewed in moderate level light at a low angle.

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Item number: 330155371957

End time: Aug-18-07 19:00:00 PDT

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28 Total - Handwritten New York Family Letters - Correspondence. To & From Sister Cora

5 Total Cazenovia Seminary School one poor cond. completely separated along a fold & or Mini. Brother Justus Allen Van Denson.

23 Total Sprout Brooks New York

1887 - 1888. Mentions In Part: Local people mentioned - Tied my horse being his wagon

- Church picnic, George put up an awning on the East side of the Church to shelter the table and lunches were placed in front, cut a watermelon on or near the horse block, SBB Band was an attendance, collection over $14.00

- Future travels - Rev. to stop at Fort Plain on his return trip West - Washington Birthday Party at the Hotel in Springfield & M.E. Society at SB on the same day

- We put in two hard days in the Mill filling orders for foundation for export

- Wednesday there is to be a Democratic Rally at Sharon, SB Band is invited and Friday the J.D. Wendell Republican Club is invited

- Fort Plain a big time was reported, three bands and six drum Corps said to have been over 2000 men in line - Blind Tom to be at Fort Plain

- Young Gilbert, man on Mrs. Buttons farm had his foot taken off in a threshing machine, step down ? the table of the machine while it was in motion, fell, left foot going into the cylinder ........... Dr. Snuallin of Canajoharie was called and finished the job taking it off about halfway up the knee

- Festivals - Did you see the eclipse of the moon, presume you were all out on the roof

- Col. F.T. Copeland is lecturing at Fort Plain 'Handsome People" - Local towns mentioned

- Returned on the Stage [coach] - J.D. Wendell Republican Club dress parade, about 22 inline with suits and torches L.E.B hold of the drum

- Parties - Old Students here for social - Wedding attended - Croquet playing - Young Ladies and Gentlemen could walk, talk or play games on the lawn - Some students & professors names mentioned

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