Friday, August 24, 2007

1873 Williamsport Thomas Morgan

1873 Williamsport PA Overseer Poor Distr Court Document Item number: 220141990470

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This listing consists of a legal paper size, 1873/1874 court document, Michael OConner vs The Overseers of the Poor of the City of Williamsport. All handwritten. Some of it states: abt Plff claims for boarding 1873 Williamsport Thomas Morgan a Pauper of the City of Williamsport. Demand $36 at the instance of Deft continued to ..............................Parties appear Michael OConner sev. John McGrath sev., A.R. Moore sev., David Trainer (?_ sev. dontined to pay.......P.(?) A. Borman held in the sum of one hundred dollars conditioned for the payment of all costs ........Signed by George A Cramer, Alderman & his handwritten seal. More handwriting on back when folded.

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