Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Letters to R. H. Walworth Chancellor Of New York

Up for auction on Ebay is a fantastic group of 60 19th century letters to R. H. Walworth Chancellor Of New York. All of the letters date from 1834-1867. All of them come in manila envelopes. The envelopes have written on them, the condition of the enclosed letter, the date the letter was written, a brief summary of the contents & a list of included autographs in each letter. All of the enclosed letters are in great preserved condition. Included autographs are:

Dr. J. Edward Turner, William J. Mcalpin, George N. Titus, John N. Pruyer, Joseph White (member of congress), C. H. Platt, Ranson H. Gillett (Solicitor Of Treasury), S. S. Nicholas (Chancellor Of Kentucky), Jabez D. Hammond (State Senator & Member Of Congress), Henry C. Murphy (member of congress), E. Darwin Smith (Supreme Court Judge), Henry Vanderlyn, Charles C. Young, Col. Anthony Lamb, James B. Murray, Elisha Peck, Wm. Chauncey, Charles H. Ruggles, W. W. Woodworth, James Hooken, S. Van Benthuyzen, R. D. Davis, V. d. Bonestead, Ulysses Cole, John Livingston (Lawyer & Compiler of Legal Statistics), Daniel Ford, John Fine (Senator), James Powers (Senator), Henry Vail (member of congress), Dr. J. N. Campbelle, Henry Nicole (member of congress), Leroy Fanham, Cornelius Halsey, Finlay M. King, Thomas M. Howell, Henry C. Murphy, Nathan A. Vaughan, Aaron Ward (member of congress), James Gorham (NY City Postmaster), F. R. Tillan, William Porter, John D. Willard, Sidney Harris, Thomas Alexander, Daniel L. Seyman (member of congress), S. B. Ruggles, E. A. Simmons, Charles A. Peabody & J. Edward Turner.

The content of the letters involves mostly legal matters, personal & political. Some of the topics include: Requesting attendance at a meeting of state inebriate asylum (walworth was a trustee), Legal matters mentioning Judge Knox, Legal matters mentioning M. Gerard & M. Cleveland, Seeking support as canditate of District Attorney, letter seeking endorsement of his son (metions Horatio Seymans name & other well known names of the times), midwest land & railroad grants, letter to the Masonic union seeking endorsement as position of camel (?) Of New York government election, request to make speech before Masonic convention, letter regarding salery of chancellor, early double sheet half printed & 1/2 on light blue paper (one of the earliest letterheads), 7 autographs on one to the Chancellor of State Of NY all recommending an individual named as taxing master of the second circuit, selecting a site for a new building of the NY state inebriate asylum, letter about Walworth's son training to become an architect along the Ohio, letter seeking appointment assistant register in chancery & much more.

Alot of the letters have stamped letterheads. Some are also transparent & have text which can be seen when held up to the light. One of the letters has a tranparency in large print which says "Moinier's 1849." Some of the stamps/seals says things such as "Carson's Congress", "LLB & Co.", ship logo stamped "P & S.", "W. C. Little Albany", "J. L . & D. L. White Counsellors At Law, 14 Wall Street, NY, "Lee & Hurtbutt So Lee, Mass.", "Bath" with a king's crown seal, "W. Clark & Co. Northhampton, "Office Of Peabody & Baker, 167 Broadway, NY", "Superfine" crest, "P & S" knight on horseback crest, "Office Of Hatch & Thompson", dove with wax seal & many more.

This fantastic group of letters is up for sale on Ebay Item number:400093472758

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Jefferson County 1801

Letter signed, "John Jeffords", Jefferson County, N W Territory, May 12, 1801, with hand carried cover to John Simonson, Esqr, Washington. Witness signatures of John Humphrey; James Crow. It reads:

"Sir this is to inform you that I have setled with the defendents and received full satisfaction in the suit commenced November 1800 term against David Winters, Cristifor Winters, John Winters, William Johnson, John [?], Daniel McCoy and wish you to dismiss the suit provided the pay all lawfull costs."

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