Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bremen, Georgia

A single hand written letter of 10 pages (6 leaves, 4 have writting on verso too, ca. 8 1/2 x 11 inches) is on Southern Fruit Growing and Colonizing Co letterhead and concerns real estate in Bremen,Georgia in 1896.
The letterhead has the names of four company officers across the very top, a depiction of a formal fruitbowl with fruit in it on the left hand side, and the company name mentioned above. Under the company name is printed information concerning the company: An Enterprise Conducted by Practical Fruit Growers for the Promotion of Fruit Growing at Bremen, Haralson County, Georgia. Situated at the Junction of the Southern, and Chattanooga, Rome and Columbus Railways Shipping Faclities not Equalled at any Other Fruit Growing Point in this Section.

The, letter addressed to J S G Edwards of Glen, N.Y., is a long letter containing a great deal of information. The writer attempts to sell lots from a recently organized company. He refers to a prospectus, which is not present here, but he goes on to discuss most of what is probably in it anyway: claiming the truthfulness and accuracy of its information. He mentions the grapes which are already grown in the area, the start of a canning factory, the beautiful weather, the various kinds of fruit that can be grown on this land, they own or control 8,000 acres, beside grapes, he mentions berries, blue berries, festive tomatoes, apples, peaches, cherries, plums - in fact, he states, all fruit do well. As do Irish potatoes and grasses.

He knows that the person addressed has the qualifications of a civil engineer and appeals to his background and knowledge as well. He also states that Natives like the American Indian are being rapidy pressed backward and crowded out.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Warren Hobbs to William Newhall 1823

An excellent letter from Warren Hobbs to William Newhall. Three pages and well written., letter details the people of Virginia. The schools of Virginia and how they are not up to standard as northern schools. He is a northern man who has moved to Virginia to teach., and talks of the people and their kindness to him. The many grand plantations situated back from the roads., with a lot of woods between. It is a fine three page letter written and signed by Warren Hobbs.

The town markings are hand written, dated underneath., 22 March., has a rate of "25"., going to William Newhall, Leicester, Massachusetts.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Philadelphia, 1832 J.N. Fitch

Dated Philadelphia, 1832. letter regarding Choleria in Philadelphia by J.N. Fitch - Physician. ALS, 3pp, 4to, plus integral address leaf addressed to Dr. Lewis Wolfley, Lancaster, Ohio. Nearly two pages on the cholera: visited two hospitals in Phila.; saw 25 patients; spoke with physicians about treatments; gives the recipe for a compound used in "the common premonitory stages". Fitch observes, "Bleeding is not resorted to in any case.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

War Department 1785

Up for sale on Ebay is a original document dated 1785, War Department; where Joseph Carelton has written a letter to Major Wyllys; requesting muster rolls of discharged troops so that proper payment can be completed.

Joseph Carelton was acting Secretary of War between General Benjamin Lincoln and General Henry Knox....Acting Secretary at War, 1783 to 1785 Acting Secretary at War (while Secretary in the War Office), November 1783 to April 1785; Deputy Secretary at War, May to November 1785.

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Friday, October 03, 2008

Walter E. Lick Olcott Texas

To Lt. Walter E. Lick. Ellington Field Barracks 52, 2nd Prov. Squad, Olcott Texas. Letter From A.H. Olson. June 24, 1918. Written on writers business letterhead: "A.H. Olson D.C. Chiropractor"-------- Letter Mention In Part: I resume by this time you can do the spiral glide and loop the loop. Do you know where you are when you loop the loop? Heads up or tails up? Heads up you win - The Class A1 men are all gone here and they are going to change some of the rest to Class A1 at once - Papers says 250,000 will be changed, they have me Class 5G - I was #314, some looked like Ghosts and some looked green very few had a smile. This was in the Cleveland Court House on the 3rd floor. We went around with nothing on only trousers until we saw the MD's - Marble floor cold on bear feet - Writer mentions brothers enlistments - & More.

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