Friday, October 03, 2008

Walter E. Lick Olcott Texas

To Lt. Walter E. Lick. Ellington Field Barracks 52, 2nd Prov. Squad, Olcott Texas. Letter From A.H. Olson. June 24, 1918. Written on writers business letterhead: "A.H. Olson D.C. Chiropractor"-------- Letter Mention In Part: I resume by this time you can do the spiral glide and loop the loop. Do you know where you are when you loop the loop? Heads up or tails up? Heads up you win - The Class A1 men are all gone here and they are going to change some of the rest to Class A1 at once - Papers says 250,000 will be changed, they have me Class 5G - I was #314, some looked like Ghosts and some looked green very few had a smile. This was in the Cleveland Court House on the 3rd floor. We went around with nothing on only trousers until we saw the MD's - Marble floor cold on bear feet - Writer mentions brothers enlistments - & More.

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