Saturday, August 30, 2008

Concord, Massachusetts 1818

Document dated 1818, Concord, Massachusetts, where Peter Wilson has written to 'Friend Hamilton' of Hamilton and Wood; regarding shipping various whiskey to him....signed Peter Wilson.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

H.L. Roberts Civil War Letter

An original Civil War letter which includes the envelope which has the address of Cambridge Maryland. It is dated Load's Chester Co. Va, Dec 2 1862. The letter reads as follows:

My Dear Eliza,

I know you will think me a real good girl for replying to your long looked for letter so soon after its very welcome reception but I was so real glad to hear from you and I thought the very best way to convince you would be by letting you hear from me very soon I have very often thought of you this summer & sometimes was forced to the conclusion you had forgotten me surrounded by old friends.....I never have passed so quite a season nothing at all to relieve the monotony. Not even an occasional visit from our friends & relations in the Army. Exceptin John Potts poor fellow who was wounded as you know & home for a very little while but that was in September, July and August, were sad months of fearful suspense Sister Annie was with us during the month of August, & of course that was very plesant. The only comfort I had was in writing & receiving letter from my friends in the Army. Making things for the soldiers & keeping very busy about the house & on the Sabbath walking two miles to teach Sunday School.....I had time quietly to think of others besides myself & I hope I may have done some things which were profitable at least I have learned that life is both "real and earnest." Emma Bull came over to see me on Saturday I gave her your photograph with which she was delighted.......Our cousin Capt Heber Smith poor fellow had been sick but was quite well again how I do want to see him it seems so funny that he should be in the Army I have such a good potograph of him & like you I find my album a very great comfort......I am going to tell you next of my own dear Brother Dewees, poor fellow was sick in the Fall we were Oh so very anxious but I am thankful to say he is quite well again indeed has been in two & perhaps three quite little battles since down near Suffolk (where he is stationed) on the Black water River. He is Captain of his company now. And in West Chester at the Military Adacemy. A young Cadet to be sure so when next you see him he will have quite a military air & more than ever a beaux. He often speaks of "Miss Eliza," Our pleasant parties in Phila last winter will not be realized....None of our number will be there.....Capt Elliot you know is with Gen Pope, I've not heard from him very lately....I do wish this war over, I want so much to see my friends but I think now everything looks very dark. How do you feel in regard to the removal of Gen McClellan? I am so sorry indeed I fear it will have a very bad effect. My friends under him seem very much discouraged. However I will still hope for the best. Having great faith in Gen Burnside. Did you think of us all when the Rebels were in Penna? Everybody went to defend the state. Heber Bull took his horse and went as Cavalry indeed the excitement was intense I cannot say that I felt very much alarmed but still I suppose there was cause for fear but I have written already so long a letter you will wish you had never written me........Your Sincere friend H.L. Roberts.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Private P.J. Murphy 1917

Three page typewritten letter, dated November 4, 1917, from "Somewhere in France". Private P.J. Murphy, Company D, 14th Engineers AEF to his friend Syl. Great content about travel to France, organizing camp, railroad movement to the front, description of the trenches "evacuated by Fritz", dealing with snipers, problems with mail. "We were the first regiment of American troops to see active service in France within range of the German guns.

Ebay Item number: 200245325965

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1778 William Jackson

Original letter dated 1778, where William Jackson has written to a Lt. Croker, of the 28th Regiment at Truro, regarding the estate left by his Uncle, though he was left only a very small seems the Uncle did not like the any event letter is 2 pages, 8x8 with addressed outer leaf.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Berkshire, Massachusetts 1822

I found this great old letter for sale on Ebay Item number: 280253517331 It is full of great info and would be a great find for someone who is working on the Fruser family, Pitton family or Case family.

Addressed to Mr. William Whitney, Pittsfield, County of Berkshire, Massachusetts", the content relates to settlement of property taxes due for years of 1810 through 1822 on certain real estate located in Township 4, Range 18 in or around Hartford, Connecticut.

Evidently the property had been split, and while most of the new owners had paid their taxes, there remained 12 years of unpaid real property taxes due from the owner of the bulk of the property, (looks like "Dorsance").

Some of the owners of the split properties were "Abraham Fruser", "Parker Pitton", "Leonard Case", and one I simply can't make out.

The writer, Jess Kingsbury, states that Mr. Whitney will be sent the receipts upon payment of the back taxes, the amounts of which are listed, and were verified by a General Simon Perkins.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Order Of Arrest For John Steffe 1819

This order of arrest dated July 23, 1819. To the Sheriff of Baltimore County, State of Maryland, to arrest John Steffe, to answer to Adam Slyder, Administrator of estate of Philip Slyder for debt of $533.33. Signed by William Gibson, Clerk of the Court of Judge Walter Dorsey. Docketed on reverse with Sheriff's attestation.

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