Sunday, August 10, 2008

Berkshire, Massachusetts 1822

I found this great old letter for sale on Ebay Item number: 280253517331 It is full of great info and would be a great find for someone who is working on the Fruser family, Pitton family or Case family.

Addressed to Mr. William Whitney, Pittsfield, County of Berkshire, Massachusetts", the content relates to settlement of property taxes due for years of 1810 through 1822 on certain real estate located in Township 4, Range 18 in or around Hartford, Connecticut.

Evidently the property had been split, and while most of the new owners had paid their taxes, there remained 12 years of unpaid real property taxes due from the owner of the bulk of the property, (looks like "Dorsance").

Some of the owners of the split properties were "Abraham Fruser", "Parker Pitton", "Leonard Case", and one I simply can't make out.

The writer, Jess Kingsbury, states that Mr. Whitney will be sent the receipts upon payment of the back taxes, the amounts of which are listed, and were verified by a General Simon Perkins.

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