Sunday, December 23, 2007

J B F Russell, General Land Agency, Chicago, Feb. 24, 1842

Letter signed of J B F Russell, General Land Agency, Chicago, Feb. 24, 1842, with integral printed broadside, circular, 8" x 10", dated June 1, 1840, for his land agency business. It was postally sent to Joseph Roby Esq., Brockport, NY (forwarded to NYC). The letter contains information on paying taxes on Roby's land in Will and Cook Cos. "My sole business is in attending to the interest of non-resident land holders - and all such as are intrusted to my care will always be attended to promptly."

The printed portion gives information on Russell's land agency noting that he will pay taxes on Illinois, Wisonsan [sic] and Michigan land for residents and non-residents, in addition to title work and related business. The bottom contains a lists of (31) references, including military officers.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

1843 Cork Ireland to Nantucket Letter.

1843 Ireland to Nantucket letter Item number: 250195696989

Mother of boy, Charles Fudger, who left home in Cork Ireland to go whaling writes to Charles and Henry Coffin of Nantucket Ma. Asking about her son Charles who left on the ship Charles and Henry three years ago. Pitiable out cry by a mother who very politely asks for help to locate her son.

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