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CORTLAND VILLAGE N.Y. DEC 11, a 5 cents rate, and is addressed to Frederick Hyde, M.D., Geneva, Ontario co., NY and is a three page letter written by Elvira to 'Dear F'. Probably his wife. The dateline is Nov. 11th 1846, At Home.

Some abstracts:

"When I wrote you last I was quite agitated about school matters. Not feeling satisfied in my own mind as to what was best to do, I sent Caroline the next morning after I wrote you, with the children to see mary Ann about Semantha, & Miss Eggleston about my children. Mary Ann was not willing Semantha should go to the new department. Miss E. was grieved to tears, that I thought of taking away A. & M. from her. She said she had taken extra pains with them."

"She was calculating to have Augusta have a new History room ..."

"It is an old maxim to let well enough alone. I thought if the Primary department was likely to fall behind hand for funds, I would rather you would give the price of their tuition."

"The Academy is very respectable for numbers, & daniel thinks Mr Livingston the most interesting person in a recitation he ever saw."

"The Shoals family have all been sick with fever, Aurilla is dead. Dr. Loomis attended them till he thought he could not benefit them. Father was sent for soon after you left. He went once found a quack there staying two days. He told them they had not any of them died perhaps they would not they had been dealt so well by."

"[father] felt very bad about that surgical case not only at the time but ever since. he says it seemed as though every thing about it was against him, that it should be fatal .... & then in the printed account no credit is give him ...."

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