Saturday, May 30, 2009

L. H. Cook to D. H. White 1855

1855 letter from L. H. Cook to D. H. White in Iowa that mentions near the end: "There is some talk about the Indians being trouble some and scares some of the Women almost into a duck fit it has been reported that there is 6000 at the Counsul bluff but it does not interupt me till I know more about it . . .

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

James Crandal 1792 Rhode Island

Hand written letter dated 1792 with the letter writers seal beside his name.

Know all men by these present that I James Crandal of Westerly in Washington County and State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation for it valuable consideration to me in hand well and truly paid by Daniel Whitney Late of Newport now residing in the State of Masachusets and herewith I am content do hereby sell asign set over and transfer unto him the said Daniel Whitney a certain ballance reported to be due to me by a committee appointed by the Legislature of the State of Rhode Island and on account of the depreciation of my pay as a solider in the late State Regiment commanded by Coll. John Toppin which ballance amounting to fifteen pounds eleven shilling lawful money as by the depreciation account of said regiment will appear and with the interest due thereon to have and to hold the said transferred balance to to him the said Daniel Whitney his heirs Executor (?????can't make this word out) or asigns forever furthermore I the said James Crandal do hereby constitute and appoint the said Daniel Whitney or his atterney my Atterney and in my name but for his or there use to demand and recover said ballance and acquittance thereof to give in my name and this I give as my Irrevocable power with full power of substitution In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this 30th day of March in the 16th year of American Independence A1792 Signed sealed and delivered in presents of Sam Bliven George Saunders Washington County of Westerly March the 30th A1792 Personally appeared the above subscriber M'James Crandal and acknowledged the before going instrument to be his free act and deed hand and seal before me. Sam Bliven Justice of the Peace.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lee family of Virginia

Three letters from the Lee family of Virginia. They include: (1) 2 pg. letter, November 28, 1789, Goochland, from Richard Lancelot Lee to his mother Betty Heale. In this letter Richard mentions he saw Kendall in Fredericksburg and that he ran into a Samuel Harding who had "lately been in the neighborhood of Ditchley & had heard that the family wee all tolerable well." He goes on to say that he sent Daniel (probably a slave) to buy some material for stockings, shoes, and a hat that he wishes to be made up for Tom. He mentions Kendall has a fine son about 6 weeks old. He gives compliments to his brother William. He adds that Daniel will carry down a horse for him and Arthur could take of the horse until he comes down. (2) A 2 pg. letter, March 12 1812, written by Louisa Lee to her aunt. The partial address indicates the aunt is "Mrs. Priscilla Edwards. The letter has much religious content. (3) A partial letter (no date) written by Judith B. Lee.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Mr de Bellisle who is in the Chatelet jail of Paris writes patiently to Mr the chevalier de la Rye, the director general of tobacco in Paris, initially for a loan of 50 gold Louis and then as time passes to ask him to certify and pay accounts that will allow him to recover his freedom.

Mr de la Rye appears to have not reacted very quickly: the first letter is only dated 1737 and Mr de Bellisle has already been in jail six months. The following letters are dated May and December 1737 and then April and May 1738 and Mr de Bellisle is still very politely asking for the payments that would make him a free man.

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Monday, May 18, 2009


Interesting lot of 9 handwritten letters, 1837-1864, to Rev. Amos Snell, a Baptist Church elder in Westford, Windham County, Connectiicut and later South Wilbraham, Massachusetts. The letters are primarily personal nature letters from former Snell church members in a variety of locales.

Some of the highlights:
1840 Hillsboro, Illinois letter, 3pp., Sabria Bennett. The writer dislikes Illinois, the "Western Wildernes"; "...not an eastern family in this neighborhood all suckers...they are not our sort of people."; "O that we could see you and hear you blow the Gospel"; "We often hear the wolves howl near our cabin doors verry thick. Two have been killed so near the house we could hear them bleat like a calf."
1854 East Pembroke, New York, 2pp, legal, Charles Snell, brother. Fire at large tavern house of Edward Powers . "Burnt to ashes", killing young son.
1837 Stafford, CT, Jemima Hicks, 2pp., legal. Had typhus fever, now in poor health. Highly religious letter with a few poetic lines re Jesus. "I can hardly refrain from weeping when I think of the long suffering compassion of the savior towards me..." Mentions "poor sinners"; "Pilgrimage to the Celestial City" and laboring in the "vineyard of the Lord."
Fabulous autograph letter signed, "Asa Snow", Petersham [MA], Jan. 17, 1854, 1 1/4pp., plus 1p. letter of Snow's second wife, Eunice. The internet has some interesting background information on this strange inviidual, also known as Asa "Popcorn" Snow, including his main diet of popcorn and milk; suicide death of first wife Isabelle; and Snow's metal casket with viewing window (became a local tourist attraction.)

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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Seth Chapman Letter Jamaica New York 1852

A letter from Seth Chapman in Jamaica New York to his son who is away at school. The letter is about school and also mentions a Ann and Libby and Lilly who are most likely sisters to the boy at school. Ebay Item number: 130305097499.

Sunday, May 03, 2009


Lot of 4 handwritten, personal letters to Maria Branch -- two from mother, Mary F. Branch, Summerville, Chesterfield County, Virginia 1808; two from friends - Mary B. Royall, Locust Hill, 1821, and Selena Booker, Flat Rock, n.d. 9pp, 8" x 10", total. Brief content and excerpts:

1808, Mary F. Branch - Asks that Col. Clark bring Maria home at appointed time; a subject, "too delicate for distant discussion"; mentions Judith Woodson, E. Cunliffe; "Mr H was in a voilent (sic) pucker respecting his horse."; "Your letter is full of love from the pits." One letter with hand carried cover to Lucy Maria Branch, Col. Clark's, Powhatan.
1821, Mary B. Royall - Dr. Archer is busy, "taken up with courting." Has fine view of river where situated. "I am as contented as it is possible for a woman to be..." Hand carried cover to Maria in Summerville.
n.d. (c. early 1800s), Selena Booker - Writer upset, sister won't respond to letters. "They all seem to care so little for me."; "Will you believe me if I tell you that I have only one child. You know Maria I always told you that I did not intend to have any more for they are so much trouble."; "I am such a poor hardened siner. She I fear is like all the rest of you, cares nothing for poor Selena." Mentions Capts. Booker (husband?) and Taylor. Hand carrier cover to Maria Branch, Manchester VA.

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