Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wagon Train Travel Letters

Manuscript copy of (12) riveting letters home from husband and wife, G. Nelson Allen and E. A. Allen, and daughter Lizzie H. Allen, while they were travelling through the mid and southwest, 1857-1860. It appears as if the copy, nicely penned in an unknown hand, was made circa 1890s-1910.

Letter locales: New Philadelphia, Ohio; Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin; Fort Des Moines, Iowa; Cass Co., Iowa; Council Bluffs, Iowa; Fort Kearny, Nebraska. A 13th letter is dated much later, 1887, from Camden, Delaware, but also mentions this trip. 35pp total, octavo and legal.

Fabulous content: Traveling to Pike's Pike; wagon trains as far as the eye can see; men heading for the mines; Sioux Indians; horse stolen; Pawnees begging for food; and more. Great local color and description.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Key West Fla. Sept 5th 1862

William Hopper who was a Hospital Steward in the 90th New York Veteran Volunteers Regiment. The letter is dated Key West Fla. Sept 5th 1862. The letter reads:

My Dear Wife,

On the 1st of this month I had a slight attack of yellow fever which might have proved fatal had I not taken it in time as it is life or death very quick but by good treatment and attention I have recovered the treatment was a hot mustard bath after taken the bath I was wraped up in woolen blankets and allowed to sweat in the mean time I took a large dose of castor oil....if I had not known the symptoms I should have no doubt let it run on me until it would be too late. I am all right now unless I get another attack. I will return to duty in 3 or 4 days. I get good care here. Please let me know how much you owe Mother up to the 1st of September. Our pay is due again but I don't suppose the pay Master will come here until the fever has disappeared from the Island write soon. I got a letter from Ben saying Edward Andariese has gone to the War he says Astoria is all clearing out to the War. Your affectionate Husband Wm H Hopper.

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Civil War letter by William Hopper

Civil War letter written by William Hopper who was a Hospital Steward in the 90th New York Veteran Volunteers Regiment. The letter is dated,"In the field in Camp near Kearns Town...April 6th 1865." This letter is dated just three days before Lee surrendered to Grant, in the letter he mentions Lee. The letter reads:

My Dear Wife

I received your letter last night I was happy to hear you and Katy was well we left Stephensson Depot on the 4th to March up the Valley it rained very fast when we started. We started about oclock P.M. the roads are very muddy we halted about 4 miles above Winchester where we remained all day yesterday and I think we will today there is an order issued for us to have two Pair of shoes. I think we will get the shoes today and start again tomorrow. I think our destination is Linchburg about 150 miles. I miss my log house very much the last two nights also today as the weather is very stormy. I have simply a shelter tent now to protect me from the storms my bed upon the ground I was very much afraid I would take cold after our march by lying on the ground but I did not I am pretty tough yet. I sent all my suplus clothing to Baltimore for storage. We belong to Genl. Hancocks Vet Army now by transfer from Sheridans. I did not go to Harpers Ferry as I expected to and I have not been able to ascertain the reasons of it but I think Col. Thaumon got wind of my movements and frustrated my designs before the order for my detail was issued. You may seal up my cheverons in a close package and forward them I will risk them coming all safe. It is thought Lee will come down the Valley if he does he will find obstacles in the way such as Hancocks Corps Carries. Portions of which has been concentrating at this place. I did not think there was so many troops in the Valley as I now see. I expect we will have some hard marching up through the Valley when we get under way which I expect will be tomorrow. Write again soon I remain as ever Yours. W.H. Hopper Address me thus W.H. Hopper Hosp...90th N.Y. Vet. Vols. 1st Brig. Dwights Div. Harpers Ferry. Va.

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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Spring Grove, Florida, Lizzie M. Clark

1881 Spring Grove, Florida

Letter home from northerner, Lizzie M. Clark. She describes her impressions of the Spring Grove area (including Jacksonville) in eight filled pages. The letter also includes her floor plan sketch of the house -- showing piazza, hammock, etc. She mentions her "colored" washer woman, sweet potatoes for breakfast, riding in a donkey cart, gorgeous sunset, orange grove, Florida "crackers" who come to hunt deer, and more. " She appears to be living with her husband on the land of a Mr. Greenleaf.

"There are five men to work the grove - three white; and two colored - the latter are pleasant & willing and do many things for us."

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Henry Jennings letter 1798

Henry Jennings letter dated 1798. Henry Jennings has written a letter from Norwich, to his mother in Preston, CT. The letter relates his trip withh the Ship Hope, a ship of 16 guns..... and signs Henry Jennings.

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