Thursday, August 23, 2007

Charley Hopkinson 1871 Great Chicago Fire Letter

1871 Great Chicago Fire Letter on ICRR Co Lettersheet Item number: 190143027346

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Very Nice Original Nov.13th,1871 Great Chicago Fire Letter from A Worker at The Illinois Central Railroad Company.This letter was mailed back to Maine and tells about the rebuilding of Chicago, about a month after the great fire.The letter states how rapidity buildings are being put up again,how a friend Dr. Hanson was not burned out, how another friend [Charley Hopkinson] is making at his brick laying and doing well, plus family news. In very good condition with small tear to right center fold mark,see pictures,measuring about 7 5/8" wide x 9 7/8" long and written in black ink front and backside of the lettersheet. Great addition to all original Chicago Great Fire Historical Memorabilia collections.

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