Friday, August 24, 2007

Charleston, South Carolina Letters

Lot of over 20 Documents 19th Century Charleston SC ! Item number: 200143571410

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This is really a fascinating grouping of antebellum through late 19th century attorney's papers from the historic "Holy City" of Charleston, South Carolina. I've listed this as over twenty pieces, but actually I counted up to about 30. Many individual papers are attached and grouped together. It seems this little cache originated with one of the many lawyers in Charleston working from just prior to the American Civil War (yes, I refer to it as well as the War of Northern Aggression) up through the end of the 1800's. One letterhead references the firm of Simons, Siegling, and Capelmann at 46-48 Broad Street. One of these documents references Thomas F. Purse of the city who, interestingly, is found (not in these papers) purchasing slaves from a free black woman of Charleston in 1831 (ref. Larry Koger: Free Black Masters in SC). In these documents pertain to Purse as well as "The Protestant Episcopal Church of St. Phillips vs. William Purse," and includes a hand drawn plat of the "public square" at Broad and Meeting Streets, along with a brief history of a lot (#71 Broad) which was in dispute. This William Purse, I would assume, is the 18th and early 19th century Charleston silversmith. There are tax records included, also another hand drawn plat and papers pertaining to the "village of New Summerville" in 1856. Another interesting document is headed "United States of American vs. Sixty Seven Barrels Distilled Spirits," a 19th century South Carolina distillery. Another hand drawn plat shows lots on Meeting and Wolfe Street. There is really a huge amount of material here, more than I can sort through without a better working knowledge of Charleston family and place names.

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