Tuesday, January 27, 2004

J. McNeill to James McNeill, Kentucky, 1847

This stampless letter has a manuscript 'postmark' for New Market Ten, Nov 2d 47, a handwritten 5 cent rate (and a bunch of handwritten scrawling ...) and is addressed to Mr. Jas. H. McNeill, Loudon, Ky., and is a two page 'Dear Brother' letter written by Jno. & S.[?]J. McNeill.

The headline is New Market, Nov 2nd 1847.

Some abstracts:

"We are at present and have during the last summer enjoyed Remarkable good health ..."

"Mrst. Hayworth & Bales informed me that they lodged one night with you and that you were all well."

"When I last wrote I spoke of moving I am still in that notion and Mr. Mathes is now on a tour to Missouri seeking a suitable location, how that may terminate it is not for me to say at present though I will know in the course of three or four weeks, he resigned his seat as President of Holston College and will either locate in Missouri or some where in the South. There is one thing certain I intend leavin this part as soon as I can make it convenient but where I shall go I know not."

"Though the opening for teachers is much greater in the South than either this state or Ky and I intend going to one or the other of these places."

"Wm. Robert Howard is doing fine and is beginning to talk."

Sends his regards to mother and father.

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