Tuesday, April 27, 2004

John Farris to David Buster, Kentucky, 1842

Letter is addressed to Mr. David Buster, Laurel County, Ky. [Kentucky]. Unfolded, it is a one and a half page letter written by John Farris. The headline is Laurel County Ky June 30th 1842.

Some abstracts:

"As it respects a written charge against uncle James NcNeill if there is any brought I think it is your place or the Preachers to do it, I shall not bring any myself because you and all the male members ware preseant and heard him make the charge against me and said he could prove it, you heard the proof he maid as well as I did, I made my complaint to you as a leader and one who has the over sight of the church to attend to it, my feelins is hurt with him and his family and so has my property been hurt and now me and my little children has to suffer for it, in shooting of my only work horse it kept me back with my crop ..."

"William NcNeill went and brought a note against me and put it in another mans hands to push me ..." "I can't fellowship them in the church for the preacher thinks tere is nothing that can be brought against them as a chrage that will bear any weight."

"... untill some providential change takes place to make things shine in a better light than they now do you may considder me no more a member of church you are at liberty to arrace my name at your leisure."

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