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John Little, New York, 1883

Name: Terry Schliewe
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Franklinville, NY
17 July, 1883

Our Dear Son James:

We would like very much to hear from you once in a while, your Mother is afraid you are not doing well because you never write and she worries about it. Now cannot you send us a card now and then, how you get along for health and worldly good not forgetting the world to come above all things. I send you a few cards, with this mail, the last we heard was from Orrie, said his mother was not well hope she is better now.

We are all very well at present. Margaret and Stephen are with us yet but go back to Corry next month. Kate has been visiting for the last 3 months at Muncie Indiana to Thos. Duncans. Peter’s Uncle Peter has just gone after her. Francis assists me in the office the business of the office has increased a good deal now and will be a Presidential or salaried office after this quarter. Johnie and family live at Little Valley the county seat, we have a call from him every week or two when he has business this way. He rides on the Railroads free.

Your Aunt has sold her house in Olean and gone to live with her daughter Margaret in Wisconsin. Hugh is sick with consumption and remains in Olean. Your Mother had a cousin with her husband from Scotland visiting their son who is a cashier in a wholesale house in Keokuk Iowa. He owns a farm there his parents visited him 3 or 4 weeks then went home to Glasgow his name is Gavin Herbert. 6th of August next if spared I will be 69 years old. Your mother was 67 last June we are now old. Time will be short with us and it behoves us and all of us to be wise concerning the latter end I trust you are.

And now James let us hear from you about your crops your family and your financial affairs, and prospects if you get the papers I send. Your mother often almost every day regrets that you do not write.

Write, Write. from your affectionate Parents, E & J Little

Notes: This letter was written by John Little of Franklinville NY to his son James Little of Canby MN. James served in the NY 6th Cavalry Company I and left NY to homestead in Yellow Medicine County in MN. John Little Sr was the Postmaster in Franklinville from 1861 till his death in 1886. He refers to his son Johnie, who was John Little Jr sheriff of Cattaraugus Cty btwn 1883 and 1885.

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