Sunday, September 05, 2004

Mary Kempson to Mrs. Seth Alden, Massachusetts, 1848

This stampless letter has a circular date stamp for PHILLIPS, MAINE, a matching boxed 5 cent rate, and is addressed to Mrs. Seth Alden, Fair Haven, Mass., and is a three page letter written by Mary M. Kempson.

The headline is Phillips, Maine, May 1st, 1848.

Some abstracts:

"I was married only two weeks before you. Don't you think it was quite a remarkable coincidence that two of Lucia's Apprentices should enter the state of matrimony so near a time and both go into the country to live, for we are living upon a farm too. George has bought one since we arrived here ..."

"... so you see Keziah I am situated about the same as yurself if we are a good many miles apart." "We left Hudson the 22 of March Tuesday after noon and stayed one night in Boston, an afternoon and night in Portland and one in Augusta and arrived in Phillips the next Saturday at eleven o clock at night."

"I enjoyed myself very much in Hudson, did a lot of sewing and knit me some sidies [?], sister Charlotte was there on a visit but Brother William did not come up from New York after her untill a week after I came away so that I did not see him again after the morning we were married. We left both of our Daguerrotypes there and Brother carried mine back with Him."

"I suppose you did not receive any Valentines for I did not. The beaus soon forget

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