Thursday, October 21, 2004

Civil War: Hugh McLaurin, 1861


Dated December 19, 1861, Headquarters Camp Lovell.

Mc Laurin enlisted on May 16, 1862 at New Hanover County as a Private. He mustered into Company "G", NC 3rd Cavalry. Although there is no record of whether this soldier survived the war, the records do reflect that he was detached on July 30, 1862 at Wilmington, NC. The record also reflects that he was in the Quartermaster Department thru 2/28/64.

McLaurin writes to his mother of the "fine time" he is having, the boots he exchanged for shoes, and the puppy he wants her to keep for him until he comes home. Little did he know that the puppy would be five years old before he would return home—indeed, if he ever did.

The letter writes in part:

"I take the present opportunity of writing you a few lines to let you know how I am and how I am getting along. I am well at present and I have fine times here. We have plenty of tough beef and flour to eat and I think we have splendid officers too. They are friendly and kind to us and they play and joke with us. And they trot us through about five hours every day…. Ma, don’t let anybody have my puppy before I come back.

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