Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kansas City 1903 Chas Renick Letter

Kansas City, MO. Renick, Charles V. Jackson County, Criminal court letterhead. In pencil dated 6/3/1903.

A personal letter with great content, by the Clerk of the Criminal court addressed to a friend: “My old friend Billie… you stick so close to Pony, [Missouri] now, don’t think that I don’t like Pony, and Pony people, infact I have wanted to come back to Pony ever since I left… why don’t you come to Butte once in a year, and call a fellow up and have a few more ‘bunches of rye’ together. One cant get lonsmn out here for there is an missalaneous croud dropping in here … as any Bohemian quarter in Paris.“ He then writes about his brother in law taking a “trip down the Mazoo” which will be a failure as “money making scheme.” “I will spend the late fall and all of winter in Southern California, Utah & New Mexico…I have seen some very bum prize fights… there has only been two good ones.” Etc… Signed “Chas Renick”.

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