Wednesday, March 19, 2008

John Cushing Letters

Three letters addressed to JOHN CUSHING, ESQ. All letters are asking his help in their dire need for money and help.

The first letter., folded into a stampless cover, and hand carried to Cushing at Durham., portion of the red sealing wax still on the letter., written by an American patriot Jacob Rowell., [~~He was a Sgt in Capt. John Blunt's Company., defending the frontiers of Lincoln County.] His letter dated at Salesbury, March 1789 stating that he is nearly out of patience waiting for an answer to his last letter, stating too that he is in great straights.

The next letter dated at North Yarmouth, March 16, 1787 also saying he is in trouble and needs help., signed by William Buchnam.

The third letter is longer and from Jacob Boardman., dated Newburyport, Jan 20, 1800 also expressing need for help. .

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