Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Lot of (8) family letters to Jacob K. Dunbar in Lisbon, New Hampshire. Five letters from Cabotville, Massachusetts; 1 Chicopee, MA; 1 Troy, New York; and Vergennes, Vermont. 1839-1844.

Chicopee, MA - July 18 [no year] "Last Wednesday Mrs. Remington's buildings were all burnt, undoubtedly the fire was set. It was a good fire I assure you. I suppose you will know it was the dressmakers shops, Mrs. Waits and union store, Purshley's [?] hat store, etc. Ten or twelve families were turned into the street."

Troy, NY - April 23, 1840 - Over 150 converted to the God in the Church..."more real comfort in Religion in one day than I ever had in my life." Abigail H. Clark; David B. Clark.

Cabotville, MA - Jan. 1842 - "Lilias wants Dr. Richardson to send her a plaster to put on her stomach such as he gave her the first time she ever saw him - smelt strong of garlicks - was the color of grounded brick when wet." More medical content. The letter also mentions Minerva.

Cabotville, MA - Oct. 1842 - "Eliza's health is not very good. She has tended 2 frames ever since I came back. it is too much for any one, but she does it because she cannot make anything without the wages are so low." [Another letter mentions that Eliza's only free time from the mill is from 7:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. -- almost a 14 hour day.]

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