Monday, October 19, 2009

Pooler - Winsor - Brown Family

Pooler - Winsor - Brown Family - Lot of 6 handwritten personal letters, 1817-1837, from a variety of family corespondents to Allen Pooler in Rutland, Vermont (one to NY); and one to James Pooler in Clarendon, VT. Plus, 1831 poem, 1p., "The Morning Star", signed Winsor Brown, Corinth [New York]. Of particular interest are the three letters by Olney Winsor of Providence, Rhode Island, 1828, 1833, 1837. He notes in the 1833 letters that he is 80 years old and remarkably comments in the next letter, at 84, that, "Indeed I am a happy old man..." An 1817 letter by Winsor Brown, Hadley, contains a poem at bottom:
"At ten a child at twenty wild; At thirty strong (if ever); At forty wise, At fifty rich; At sixty good or never."
Other correspondents: Son, Amasa Pooler, 1829; and letter by Huldah and Lydia Brown, Corinth.

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