Monday, February 22, 2010

1798, Antigua

1798, Antigua.

Thomas Hanson Halloran, Notary Public; has taken the story of Amos Sherman; late mate of the the Sloop called the Fox. It seems the sloop Fox left the port of Antigua for New York; John Lum, Master of the ship; loaded with Rum and other goods. The ship was properly tight,had enough supplies and a large enough crew
It seems that the Fox was passing the island of Berbuda, when she was attacked and made a prize of a privateer of the French Republic. The Captain of the privateer removed the Captain of the Fox and three members of his crew
On the twentieth day they were boarded by a British armed privateer called the Tickler; where Daniel Lee was commander.The ship was taken into a port at St. Johns; where Amos Sherman is swearing out this oath....

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