Wednesday, March 03, 2010

St. Andrews. June 12, 1792.

“This is to inform you that there was such a person as Loring Barker and I am very sorry you ever knew there was such a person. I dare say you will think strange of my conduct it is what I thought of when I left Pembroke. To be short I was married this last June to Miss Polly Ross. I hope it will not give you any uneasiness for I think you are deserving a much better man that I am or ever shall be I hope often been told that Miss Torrey was too worthy a person for me to have, and have taken it into consideration and think so myself. Furthermore you have often told me that you wished to live a single life and I would not wish you to disoblige yourself for the sake of obliging me. I have wished to enter into that state a long time ago buy you refused it and now it is too late I think that you have so many accomplishments that you can have your choice among the best of men and wittingly there is not a more miserable creature living than I am I wish you all the happiness this world can afford I must conclude I wish you to write a line or two to inform me of your Health so no more adieu forever.”

“Loring Barker”

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