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Letters partially read:

"New Bedford, Aug.17, 1887...We are much pleased that you sold the bone at such good advantage, and also approve of the disposition you made of the money. We are sorry to hear that your men ran away for we know that it must be a source of great trouble to you, but we are glad that you succeeded in getting all back again but two. We have made note on our books that you have discharged the steward and paid him off, and think you are lucky to get rid of such a man if he is as mean and poor as you write for he is not fit to be in any ship.We have also stopped his draw bill. It is too bad for Mrs. Brightman to be obliged to do the steward's work and we hope you will be able to get a man before long that will be satisfactory to you, for it is very discouraging to have poor meals. At any rate we shall consider the matter here and wait to hear from you again...The Bark Petrel has arrived at Panama with 1140 Sperm & 160 Whale on board. 1600 barrels all told. Mrs. Mandell is daily improving. With best regards to yourself and wife we remain Yours Truly, E.D. Mandell & Co., P"

"New Bedford, July 18, 1887...Yours at June 15th came to hand July 16 and we were glad to hear from you. I am very sorry your mate turned out so bad, but I must say it is just what I expected and you know I told you he was good for nothing. Though I think with such a good man as Mr. Mingo for mate you will come out alright for I know you will never come home till you get a voyage. I suppose you have got a boatheader as you telegraphed for me not to get one. I think myself you have had a pretty hard time, but I trust it will not discourage you, for perhaps the next year you may have better luck which I hope you will. You may be able to ship some good men from other ships which are coming home. We could not have got John L. Saysi(?) for he is not at home and Antone D. Cruse(?) went first mate with George L. Howland in the Canton. Mr. Eben Pierce(sp?) is going to send you some new bombs and has received you letter. We shall send the Brand Bombs as you requested. The John P. West has been sold to San Frisco partner and is going North. Your friend William McKim thinks you will get a good voyage. I don't think you will want Prince when you come home. You see he's wellalong in years and won't be as good a horse as he was when you had him though..(talks about what he would like him to do about his horse in his absence)...E.D. Mandell, Jr."

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