Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rockaway Long Island, New York 1806

Rockaway (Long Island, New York), Sep 4 (1806), from William M. Pree, to James Clapp, No. 2 Upper Chambers Street, New York City. Hand carried, no postal markings. The content reads, in part, as follows, "This will be handed you by a domestic, at present in the pay of Mr. Jones and myself. I will be very much obliged to you if you would go with my servant (whose name is Gilbert) to Chesterman and give him a pr. of pantaloons and vest, which I ordered to be made for me yesterday. They will certainly be done ...[He} is a stranger in town and may get lost. I would also thank you to purchase 2 lbs. of almonds, 2 lbs. of raisins and 8 good oranges, together with one lb. of sugar plumbs, which send with him out of town as soon as bought. I would think you to be particular as to going to Chesterman's, as I am in sadly in want of things above mentioned. If they should not be done, make Gilbert wait in town until they are. I expect him back, however, tomorrow morning. He was sent express with a letter to PLT, which you will have. Miss Claypoole arrived here yesterday, which circumstances will alter my determination of going to town on Monday. I shall not be down until the following Thursday. Write me by the bearer and mention what articles are sent with him, as you know what servants are ... [signed] M. Pree.

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