Tuesday, August 31, 2010


1792 PHILA LETTER - SOLOMON [SALOMON] RAPHAEL - JEWISH MERCHANT - Early Pennsylvania Judaica. Letter signed, "Salomon Raphael", Philadelphia, June 18, 1792. Hand carried cover to Daniel Clymer, Esqr in Reading. The signature is hard to decipher but docketing notes, "Solomon Raphael", and signature is known to be in his hand. Legal and business matter content. In part:

"I wrote you some time ago respecting my Business in your hands....have seen Mr. Zeanley since and he tells me he has settled with you which I am very happy as I know he is dificult to do Business with. I therefore would esteem it as a singular favour if you will...pay it to Mr. Coleman...the first time he passes with the Stage for Philadelphia..."

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