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William H. Anderson 1887

February 10, 1887. Southern Part of New Mexico near Rincon. An autograph letter signed ”W.H.A.” to his daughter about his travels from New England to New Mexico; William H. Anderson wrote to her in pencil:

“Altho I have written mama a card every day reporting how I was getting along I think you would like to have a letter from me. Now you get a map of the United States and trace along on it the way I came. I left Boston which you can find and by dark that night only got as far as Greenfield Mass. I crossed the Hudson River at Troy N.Y. in the night and Sunday morning just after I got out of my berth crossed the Niagara River not far from Buffalo. Then went on through the lower part of Canada to Detroit Michigan. There we crossed the river in a bog boat that took cars and all & after we crossed Sunday afternoon I changed into another sleeping car and that afternoon & Sunday night passed thro the states of Michigan, Indiana and Illinois to the Mississippi River opposite St. Louis. We crossed that river Monday morning about 8 on a very high bridge. At St. Louis I changed cars and during Monday rode all day across the State of Missouri to the Missouri River opposite Kansas City. We crossed that river on another very high bridge about 8 Monday night. I had to stay in Kansas City over night. As the city stands on a high cliff or hill above the river where the depot is we went up the hill in a street car drawn not by horses but a rope or cable which runs under ground. The hill was as steep as the roof of our house and it seemed funny to ride up so steep a place. I stayed at a hotel that night and about eleven Thursday morning I took this car in which I now am and started west again. We went through Topeka, Emporia and about the time I got up Wednesday morning we were at the eastern line of the state of Colorado. We had breakfast at La Junta in Colorado. That word is pronounced as tho it was spelled La Hunta as it is a Spanish word and in that language it sounds like H. Then yesterday we kept on thro Colorado & New Mexico & got to Las Vegas about dark, that is our dark, at home it would be two hours later because that is farther to the east where the Sun rises. We passed Albuquerque in the night and when I looked out this morning we were near Socorro, New Mexico. Had breakfast at San Marcian and shall get to Rincon, New Mexico about noon. There I shall have to change cars and wait an hour or two. Don’t you think I have given you a great lesson in geography? There are a great many cattle and calves along here and as the road is not fenced we have to slack up sometimes & blow the engine whistle so as to frighten them off the track and then they scamper good. Derring, N.M. Friday morn – When we got here last night we found we must stay here till 2 o’clock today – so I will send this now and write you again this afternoon on the train.”

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