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Havana, Cuba, Jun 23 1806

Havana, Cuba, Jun 23 1806, from Messrs. Gay & Bowen, to Charles Churchill, Newbern, North Carolina, with black Charleston/ SC, Jul 3 (1808),postmark

The content reads, in part, as foillows,

"We had the papers forwarded by you translated & attached to the process against the captors of the Schooner NELSON ... The officers of the [Cuban colonial] Government move slow, therefore you must wait with patience for their decision. We paid for translating the papers and also paid the attorney fees ... M. Guadal having refused to do it. We shall give every assistance in our power to bring that unfortunate business a happy close. We do not recollect what Captain Barnet sold your Negroes [slaves] for, but it was for less sum, as well as we can recollect, that he would have brought in the United States. He sold his for part cash and part for a note, and to accomodate him for amout advanced, we received the note & endeavor to collect it, but have not yet received payment. We informed Captain Barnet that we did not believe that it would be paid. Dr. Bynes, who purchased the Negroes, and whose note we hold, says that he will not pay it until he gets a bill of sale from you, and further that he wishes to dispose of the Negroes. You had therefore better send us as soon as possible a bill of sale in favor of Bynes, or funds to puchase them on your own account. Bynes is poor, there a good bargain in the Negroes may be had ... [signed} Gray & Bowen."

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