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KIA: 1863 Letter from Alvin Brown of Ohio Infantry

KIA: 1863 Letter from Alvin Brown of Ohio Infantry

Removing wounded across Rappahannock River
after battle of Chancellorsville

Camp Brooks Station March the 15th, 1863

Dear Father--

I am well at present. I hope when these few lines reach you, they will find you the same.

I did not receive a letter from you for about three weeks. I wrote you a letter to you a good while ago. I was waiting for an answer from you, but I did not receive an answer yet today. So I thought I would write another letter to you. I hope there is nothing wrong that you don’t.

I had wrote in my other letter for a fine comb and some black thread. If you get this letter, send me them things, if you can. I have not much to write this time. I must tell you one thing yet and that is, we expect to have a hard battle at Fredericksburg before long. I received a letter from George about three weeks ago. I could [not] answer his because I could not get any postage stamps. Nothing more at present.

Answer soon. Alvin Brown 

Alvin M. Brown of the 107th Ohio Infantry. The letter is undated and is not addressed. Alvin M. Brown was killed in action at Chancellorsville in May, 1863.

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