Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Holland & Betty Pitman to James McNeill, Kentucky 1854

This stampless letter doesn't have any postal markings and was likely hand carried outside of the U.S. Mails. It is addressed to Mr. James McNeill, Laurel County, Kentucky, London, and is a three page 'Dear Brother' [brother in law, I believe] letter written by Holland Pitman and Bettey Pitman.

The headline is Laurence county, Indiana May 11th, 1854.

Some abstracts:

"I have verry poor health and have all the spring, my complaint is in the liver and kidney which causes me to be verry feeble. Betey is in poor health at the present and has been for two weeks past the doctor thinks her complaint is in the liver too."

"Produce and property sell high .... horses sell from 75 dollars to $100-75 dollars, work cattle from $50 to 100 dollars ..."

"The Temperance cause in this country is gaining ground verry fast. Betey and myself took a ride on the cars to Bloomington about the middle of last month to coz John farris and staid a week with them."

"Haveing received a few lines a few weeks since from Mr. Wilson dated in January stating that suit was brought in court by the resident heirs of Thomas McNeill praying a decree of court to his lands ...."

"[Betty] thought as you was agent her farther's estate, you was artherized in that too ..."

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