Friday, February 06, 2004

John McNeill to James McNeill, Kentucky, 1854

This stampless letter doesn't have any postal markings and was likely hand carried outside of the U.S. Mails. It is addressed to Maj. James McNeill, Knox county, Ky, and is a one page letter written by John McNeill.

The headline is (at the bottom) Sept. 29th 1854.

Some abstracts:

"I want you to select three or four witnesses for us and have them summond to attend the Examoners office on Friday after the 2d Monday in Oct next in London. Jonathan & me has agreed to take all the debositions we want in Laurel on that day and have entered to a written agreement to that amount He says he must have yours & sister Janes Debosition. I would be glad Sister Martha Farris would be there as I would like to ask hir a few questons by his consent."

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