Tuesday, March 02, 2004

John Schoolfield to Dr. Schoolfield, Virginia, 1834

This stampless letter has a circular date stamp for HICKSFORD Va, a handwritten 12 1/2 cent rate, and is addressed to Dr. Schoolfield, Portsmouth, Va., and is a three page 'My Dear Father' letter written by Jno. H. Schoolfield.

The headline is Fortsville, October 27, 1834.

From what I could find on the internet, the Dr. Schoolfield in Portsmouth would be Dr. Joseph Schoolfield, who was a Surgeon's Mate during the War of 1812.

Some abstracts:

"The only circumstances of interest that come to my knowledge, are of a political nature, which you see in the papers. And they are of such a character, that I can not contemplate this with any sort of complacency. The administration party are safe unless they expire of plethora. I can not say that I so much regret the defeat of the opposition in New Jersey."

"But I must say I was chagrined & mortified at the result of the Georgia election, there was a contest of principle."

"The mortality which has prevailed in Portsmouth is truly startling. I was pleased to hear that the Portsmouth General had made so appropriate a selction. General Hodges in a man, whom no consideration of an improper nature could have swerved from the path his judgement dictated, he did not shake his course for the purpose of office."

"There are some doubts, whether Dr. Harrison, our Southampton delegate will obey the mandate of the people, if he should refuse, he will have a rough road to travel & very little comfort for the balance of his natural life."

"Mr. Mason requests me to mention to you that Mr. James French, the son of the tavern keeper in Norfolk, has some idea of establishing an administration paper in Norfolk, he wishes you to call on him & talk with him on the subject ..."

"Present my affectionate regards to my dear mother & all other friends."

Mentions a book, John Randolph's letters, and suggests that Joseph (jr.?) should read it before going off to college.

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