Saturday, March 27, 2004

Thomas Armstrong from John Cardwell, Virginia 1827

This stampless letter has a circular date stamp for CHARe. VA [Charlotte, Virginia], a handwritten 18 3/4 cent rate, and is addressed to Thomas T. Armstrong, Esqr., Germanton, Stokes county, N.C., It is a two page letter written by John P.[?] Cardwell.

The headline is Cumberland cty. Va Sept 29th, 1827.

Some abstracts:

"I received yours the day before yesterday together with a commission to take the depositons of Turpin Dupriest at Campbell C.H. on this very day; which, on account of the late arrival of your letter, I am utterly unable to do; as the distance is nearly or quite one hundred miles."

"Present my respects to Mrs. Armstrong and the rest of your family; I am doing tolerable business and come to N.C. when ever I think myself able to discharge what I owe & c. I must congratulate with you (I almost sd console) on account of your present representation in commons; Tell Mr Shepherd he has depreciated very much since I left Germanton."And he writes about some lost depositions.

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