Sunday, June 27, 2004

T R Harrison & Frances Darling to Capt. Ed Richmond, Massachusetts, 1854

This stampless letter has a circular date stamp for PAW PAW Mich., a matching PAID and 3 cent rate, and is addressed to Capt. Ed Richmond, N. Adams, Mass., It is a two+ page letter (plus a small enclosure) written by T.R. Harrison and Frances Darling. The headline is Paw Paw, Mich, Aug 16 / 54 [1854].

Some abstracts:

"Inclosed you will find orders for the payment of amounts due to Frances N. Darling, & Jane E. Darling, daughters of William Darling, deceased, from the estate of their Grandfather David Darling of which you are Administrator."

"There are two other children of the said William Darling & only two both boys & of age, Charles & Edgar, the former residing in Jackson in this state & the latter at Leoni in the same county, where also the Mother (now Mrs. Haywood) [Kaywood?] also resides."

"The amount due Jane E. you will forward directly to me, she being my wife, also the amount for Frances you will forward to my care; she is now teaching school a few miles from her & makes it her home with me."

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