Saturday, July 17, 2004

Civil War Letter: Ashley J. Frazier, Mississippi (no date)


U.s. ste john rearn brumis burough miss. Feb 26

cous i receivied your letter today and was glad to hear from you. My health is good and we are confiscating cotton. I got in last night about 10 clock after two days scouting cotton we found 800 bailes back in the hills concealed. We brought in 100 bailes with us and are going out after the rest a baile of cotton is worth $350 no just count that up and see we are making money for uncle sam recolect that is not half we are at the business all the time, we have got the rebs cleaned out in these parts for awhile

well i must tell about my getting my dinner at port gibson we made a raid on port gibson the other day we charged into town on a gallop but found a few rebs there hill is back and with me after we got into town we stopped on main street to let our horses rest and eat a bit of hard tack hill called me by name and there was an old man hered him and come up to me and wanted to know who i was. I told him and he claimed kin with me and made hill and my gang eat dinner with him. We had a good dinner and good buttermilk, his name was milegan. He has some relation living in clinton and fayette co., Ohio so you see i have friends hear in the suney south i also got acquainted with dr. Sprute out there by hill knowing his dad at keokuk, iowa he wanted us to come and take dinner with him next time we come to town hill is stouter than he was so no more for this time

ashley j. Frazier writ soon

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