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Civil War: Steamer John Raine, 1869


MARCH 26, 1869

Cousen lydia ann b.

I take my pen to write thee a few lines. I met with an accident yesterday we get orders to out and drill our horses some i saddle up a fool horse that no one can ride i left my horse in the stable he was sick. Well i got on this one at the edge of the river he got to rearing up and ran in to the river i got him out and raired and throughed me off and fell on me and smashed mu ankle up he layed on me untill some to the boys pulled him off they carried me on the boat and put me to bed i am going on a crutch this morning.

Will got his finger shot off day before yesterday so you see we are both crippled he got it done accidently putting his revolver in the scabbard our boat is at cairo the rest of the boats are a vicksburg and we will go down the river before long. I expect will will get a furlong till his finger gets well or the place where his finger ought to be but i can;t get one without the bone was broken

i want you to write to me and let me know if you get the money i sent and if bev has got tht receipt for expressing them boots to me put it in a letter and send it to me and when i get to memphis i will make them pay for it send quick before i leave cairo direct to cairo us steamer john raine a.j. fraizer co d 1st car mmb

give my love to all inquiring friends write soon ashley j. Fraizer i will send you john will photographs. Keep it until i get home for i woulod not take a arm for it. He's going to send mine to his folks look out for my picture to it is is a case so so

Notes: the letter writer is ashley j. Frazier, cousin of lydia ann burgess parker. He was born in 1840 in indianna and died in ohio

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