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Elizabeth Richards-Busher Letter of 1837, Upper Canada

Captain William Richards (1)
Perth (2), Upper Canada
Quebec (3)
June 7th 1837

Dear Brother,

I embrace this opportunity of riting these few lines hoping to find you
in good health as it leaves me in dispaire. At present I am all most in
dispaire. Never had the happiness to receive a letter from you these
three years past to August, which give me totale of truble to think you
would be so ungrateful to me in a strignge country.

If you would only rite to me it would be consolation to hear from you. If
I never receive the smallest favor from you I would be happy to hear from
you. Me and my children joins in love to you and Mary (4) hoping to find
you in good helth as it leaves us at presssent thanks be to God for it.
This is a poor place at present. I am sorry to inform you Captain Elgee
(5) is gone home to Ireland (6). He was the best frind I had here.
If you write to me direct your letter to Elizabeth Busher, Hopes Street,
Number 6, Quebec.

Dear brother I wish it was in my power to get home to Ireland again. I
might find some frinds there as I find none here since Captain Elgee is
gone away.

This is my son Thomas (7) hand writing age 11 years next August. This is
4 letters I wrote since I had a letter from you. Dear brother I get very
bad health.

No more at presssent,
from you effecttionate sister,
Elizabeth Busher (8)

(1) William Richards Captain William Richards (c1790-1854). Born in
Wexford County, Ireland. Seems to have gone to sea around age 12, served
in the British Navy in the Napoleonic & American wars, and later became a
merchant ship captain. He married Mary Richardson in about 1815, in
Ireland. They moved to Nova Scotia Canada in about 1817 and to New
Brunswick about 1818. From the east coast of Canada he sailed a schooner
in the West Indies trade and later built and commanded his own brig, the
“William & Mary”, in the same trade until the brig and her cargo were
lost in a storm. He and wife Mary moved to Perth, Ontario sometime prior
to 1832. William built and commanded the Tay & Rideau Canal steamer
“Enterprise” until 1836 and then the steamer “George Buchanan” on Chats
Lake for a year or two.

(2) Perth Military Settlement of Perth, founded in the summer of 1816.
Captain William Richards & wife Mary moved to Perth sometime prior to
1834 and purchased a 14 acre plot and house on Concession-3/Lot-1 of
Drummond Township next door to Mary Richardson-Richards’ mother, Dorothea
Blake-Richardson-Greenley (????-1828). John Greenly (1775-1854) and wife
Dorothea Blake-Richardson-Greenly had settled on Conc-3/Lot-1, Drummond
Township, in 1816 and William and Mary Richards seem to have purchased
their Perth home at the same location.

(3) Quebec City Quebec City, Lower Canada, where Elizabeth Richardson-
Busher is apparently resident in 1837.

(4) Mary Mary Richardson-Richards (c1791-1861) who married sea Captain
William Richards (c1790-1854) in about 1815, in Ireland. She was the
daughter of Dorothea Blake-Richardson-Greenley (????-1828) by her first
marriage (father unidentified). After being widowed her mother married
John Greenley (1775-1854) in about 1801, at Ferns, Wexford County,
Ireland and moved to Perth, Ontario, Upper Canada in 1816.

(5) Captain Elgee(?) Spelling of the last name not clear. The name looks
like “Elgee” but this could be George Edge who married Dorothea Blake-
Richardson-Greenley’s sister Ann, the same man referred to as “uncle
Edge” in the Dorothea’s letter of 1818 to her daughter Mary. (See notated
Dorothea Greenley letter of 1818). This man seems to be another sea

(6) Ireland The Richards, Richardsons, Blakes & Greenleys were all
natives of Wexford and Wicklow Counties in Ireland.

(7) Thomas Thomas Busher (b.1826), son of Elizabeth Richards-Busher &
Patrick Busher. Patrick and Elizabeth Busher also had a younger daughter

(8) Elizabeth Busher Elizabeth Richards-Busher, sister of Captain
William Richards (c1790-1854), see # 1 above, and wife of Patrick Busher
who apparently died prior to the 1837 date of this letter. Elizabeth
Richards-Busher died at some date prior to 1853.

Submitter: Ron W. Shaw

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