Friday, May 23, 2008

WW 1 Letter Jamse Ritchie Martin, CEF

Dear Mother,

I arrived safe in Calgary this morning. Don’t worry about me I am OK. Give Jim my job. We are going right to Camp the seargeant (sic) is taking care of us and everything is all right. Hoping you have no ill feelings towards me when you now (sic) I have gone.

I remain
your everloving son John

Postcard from John Elder MARTIN to his mother, Mary Martin informing her that he joined the CEF (Canadian Expeditionary Force) Canadian military forces. The postcard has a picture of the Virgin Mary and Child with the words underneath “Mother of God”

Part of the postmark says: Field Post Office Calgary. No date is shown. Probable date is August 1915 when he enlisted.

In true sibling fashion,he gives his job to his brother Jim, aka James Ritchie MARTIN.

Card is addressed to: Mrs. David Martin, Box 729 P.O. (sic), Medicine Hat, Alberta

John Elder MARTIN was born in Dundee, Scotland on March 10, 1898 to David MARTIN and Mary Wighton ELDER. They immigrated to Canada about 1912. He was assigned to the 50th Battalion, CEF, #435516 soon to be joined by his brother, Thomas Elder MARTIN, #435847. Thankfully, both brothers survived the war. John immigrated in 1923 to Detroit, Michigan. He died in Detroit on June 21, 1962. We are very proud of his service.

Submitter Donna Cromwell

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