Sunday, January 04, 2009

4th Battery Maine Volunteers 1865

Letter signed "Adelbert A. Dailey," Headquarters, 4th Battery Maine Volunteers, March 4, 1865.

Dailey writes to "Eddy" [Edward Elmes of Maine]. In full [original spellings and punctuation retained]: "To day I have been thinking of you and that I had ought to send you some some little token of friendship for you have been a good boy and have been kind and good to Mother and Zylpha since I have been away and Eddy you will always find a true friend in me[.] I hope you will do as well as you have while you stay with Mother[.] I should like to have you stay thru all summer if your Father and I can agree[.] I will send you a little present[.] I can not get much here to send you or I would give you something handsome[.] But be a good boy. Take good care of the things and I will make you a handsome present when I get home[.] I should like to have you with me if you will[.] I shall have to write Zylpha a short letter so I will close[.] Be a good boy Eddy and remember you will always find a good friend in me[.] With much love...."

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