Sunday, January 11, 2009

Letters From Delaware, Connecticut, Albany.

ONE LETTER DATED 1795, from Dover, Delaware., written and signed by John Fisher., Forwarded by William A. P Phelps. A notation states the letter is from the Chief Justice of Delaware., letter is about his wife and goods being bought for her.

ANOTHER LETTER dated 1826., has MS markings of PAID and a small PAID 5 in the upper right corner., about a Court Martial and at the bottom of the address., asks the postmaster to forward this without delay to Mr. Sherman. Curious no town marks., but likely Connecticut being addressed to a fellow in North Milford, Ct.

ANOTHER LETER dated 1834., from John P. Cushman., to Hon. James McKown., hand stamed in red STEAMBOAT., with the word STEAM over the word BOAT., upside down with a rate of "12"., from Troy, N.Y. About the President of the New York Medical Society.

ANOTHER LETTER:, dated at Albany, NY July 11, 1823., marked FR [means Free] addressed to the Hon. Smith Thompson., Sec. of the Navy, Washington. Letter concerns a young lad's recommendation., likely to the Naval Academy or for a position in the Navy. The writer's name is hard to make out, appears to be Fr. Bloodfood, or Bloodford.

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