Sunday, March 08, 2009

John H. Bowles of Portsmouth 1879

A fabulous reminiscence written by John H. Bowles of Portsmouth [New Hampshire} to a young man named George in Boston, Nov. 12, 1879. In elaborate detail, Bowles describes his first trip to Boston, the "El Dorado" of his imagination, as a thirteen year old in June of 1825:

The vast wharves with ships; visit to the Hancock Tavern; trip to the New England Museum where he sees a wax statue of George Washington and strange sea creature; death and funeral procession of Gov. Eustis; attends an amazing grand Equestrian Spectacle with a fire ball, chariot and cream colored horses; witnesses a fire on Doane St. which burned 60 of the finest warehouses in Boston - "...massive granite buildings..split to pieces like glass"; Bunker Hill Celebration; hears Daniel Webster orate; shakes hands with Lafayette.

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