Sunday, March 01, 2009

Muntown May 28 1863, Thomas Briggs Letter

An original Civil War letter dated Muntown May 28 1863. This is a letter written to Thomas Briggs from his mother. In this letter she mentions the Battle of Fredericksburgh which occurred in Virginia and someone who was in the fight it looks like his name is Laz she writes, "we have got three letters from laz since the batle at fredericksburgh and he was in the fight but he came off safe Bill donaldson and Boy atkinson and McCune of Cannonburgh was all killed laz says there was eighty five killed and wounded in his regiment Colin walls got the hind part of his cap shot off and cut the skin to the skull the report came here that laz was wounded in the knee but it was to so torn we her that you had run off to cannedry...we want you to try and rite oftener and give us the war news and tell us if you think there is any prospect of the war coming to an end...." She also talks about a draft and that they are enrolling all able bodied men, she says some say they will not go till they are forced out, she also says if he wants to write to Laz Briggs he should direct the letters to 140 Regmt Co H Care of Capt Stockton Washing City. At the end it is says, "...tell us you think you can get a discharge your Mother Nancy Briggs writen by A H Caesber."

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