Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dana and Jennie Barber letters 1888-89

Four letters 1888-89, from Dana and Jennie Barber, newcomers to Knowles, MD. The letters were sent to sister and mother, Mrs. C. H. Duffy, New York City and Mrs. Geo. Root, Nineveh, NY. Three of the letters were sent from Dana at his Washington D.C. office. The highlight is the 12 page letter, octavo, from Jennie. Highly detailed in content, she describes her new home: Neighbor Mrs. Smith expects her "confinement" in a week, "but goes banging about as though nothing was the matter."; Kate Hayden, in a Queen Anne cottage on the other side has worked at the Treasury for 13 years and holds a literary club;. "...we pay $1.50 a cord for seasoned oak...then I gave a n-----r [racist term] $1.15 for sawing." [Knowles] "This is not a village at all; only a large farm which was owned by Mr. Knowles, grandfather of our landlord and after the death of the old people the farm was sold in parcels of 10 acres and less; there were only three or four houses until quite recently, every one has plenty of room; we have over half an acres, triangular in shape." Plus, attends new church with "shouting Methodist" who can be heard through closed windows a quarter mile away"; buys corn at the Health Food Co. and locally grown White Star potatoes for 80c a bushel; much more minute detail.

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