Sunday, June 21, 2009


A 2 page letter (front & back) written by WILSON L. TURMAN during his time as a guard at CAMP DOUGLAS in Chicago, IL.

In the letter, Turman mentions GRANT, SHERMAN, THOMAS and SHERIDEN. He also talks of the stench of the dead carcasses. Turman pens a detailed recipe for beer on the majority of the 2nd page of the letter and signs his name in closing.

The letter in part reads:
" And by the eternal we will only think of it. How will those bruised men black with the smoke of battle coming up through that firey furnace with SHERMAN with GRANT with THOMAS with SHERIDEN and a host of others feel when they see their meanest enemies at home. And tell me not that they do not know them. For a single glance of the ? portrays them for their deeds are written upon their brow and ? that has eyes can read. I am small in stature. But I am a head and shoulders taller when I get away ? things for taller. I try breath a purer air and lifting my thoughts heavenward. The stench from their putrid carcasses fall beneath and the bright sunshine that glitters upon the fields of our banner as she floats over the ramparts of Richmond loomes up and the flames as of olden time seemed to burn up the drops and verify that the sacrifice is exceptable before God Hallalujah the Lord God ? riseth. Let the earth rejoice and all things that are therein. My soul feasts upper. ? things for never did I know what happiness was before for I am so glad that my feeble mind ? the trying scenes through which we have had to pass has stood firm in its purpose and never a weary abrupt disturbed it. And I even I am permitted to stand and view the Promised Land with its returning herds leaping upon the green pastures that returning peace and liberty affords. But these thoughts are abortive. My mind fails to grasp language adequate to express the glory of the future. But glory glory is the out burst of my heart for its glittering streamy rais fill my soul and I will sing it forever and ever in the face of COPPERHEADS in the face of my meanest enemy I will shout. But I must close."

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