Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Bedford, Massachusetts 1847

Letter dated New Bedford, Massachusetts, Jun 9 1847, signed by, and written entirely in the hand of, Charles W. Morgan, the famous 19th century American whaling magnate, to Lindley Fisher, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with red New Bedford/ MA Jun 9 (1847) postmark, and "5" postal rate marking. The letter reads, in part, as follows, "Dear Lindley I have your fav[or] of 7 inst. with drafts enclosed paid by funds received from Thos. W. Morgan. Also enclosed were your three drafts on me in your own favor for use of Duncannon Iron Works, and to be paid by you [lists each draft] ... all ... payable at No. 9 South Wharves Philadel & which I now enclosed to you. I sent Wm. M. Meister a draft on Wm. M. Ellicott for $1,370. I wish you would ascertain if he has got it done, as I want the money by March in Philada. on the 24th Inst. Please have him to attend to it. I have not yet received the drafts from your father, perhaps there has not been time ... [signed] Chas. W. Morgan."

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