Saturday, September 05, 2009

New York 1840

Letter signed, "Henry B", New York, April 10, 1840 [or 41?], 2pp., 8" x 10", with integral address leaf, hand carried, to sister, Miss P. Willmouth [?], North Adams, Mass.

Letter in part reads.....
"We passed up Broadway just as people were coming from Church, discovered new in the way of fashions, except that the rage for Bustles rather increases, (that is larger ones.) Every lady seems to endeavour to make hers the most conspicuous. I would not adivse you and Waity [?] to carry that fashion to any great extent for (as David Anthony's wife once said) it gives a lady the appearance of quite too much bottom."
The writer comments that he's writing his letter from his "sky Parlour which overlooks the lower part of the city and part of the Bay."

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