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Edwin S. Kortz and Jennie E. Kern

These are the handwritten love letters of Edwin S. Kortz and Jennie E. Kern. There are also letters involving the Kortz’s children, Isabella and William. There are 15 letters in all, the earliest being 1876 and the latest 1902. There is also the wedding announcement of Edwin and Jennie.


“Miss Jennie E. Kern

Nazareth Penna. Northampton Co.

Ann Arbor, Mich. Oct. 19th, 1876

My Darling Pet,

Your kind and very unexpected letter arrived tonight and was very much surprised as well as somewhat scared for I thought something might have happened to my darling but that feeling passed away rapidly as I read your sweet letter and darling I think you must think a great deal of me for your kindness is not to be surpassed…….Well Pet, that is what I am doing, thinking of nobody but my darling. Indeed as I read, somehow or other your sweet face will appear to me and then I must stop and think about you and my dear. By this you will see that I am not studying so very hard after all……I am very glad I have a picture of you so I can at least look at you if I cannot have you and which is something I do every day and oftener sometimes. I showed your picture to my roommate the other day and he remarked that you were a very good looking girl so you see I am not the only person who thinks your good looking. But you know that I do not only think you are good looking, but think you the dearest and sweetest darling wife (even tho they aren’t married yet) there can be in the world. Now darling that is just what I think you are and I want you to believe it. You know that I do mean it do you not my pet?…….kisses to my darling.”


“Friday Noon, Phila, Dec. 30th, 1881

My Own Darling,

Having a large order to get out I was down to the store last eve till 10 P.M…….Words cannot express the loneliness felt by me since. One would hardly believe that on such a short acquaintance we would endure such pangs on being separated but as it is there is an uncontrollable feeling I cannot help it. Writing to you this morning makes me again feel happy and is a most delightful task…..Has anything leaked out yet? I suppose N. people are full of talk. Well we afforded a fine opportunity to have something to talk about. Darling how I long this morning for one sweet kiss, one look from those beautiful eyes. One loving smile but cruel, cruel fate whispers No! No! I hope God will grant us an opportunity to meet soon again and time may soon come when we shall be united together, never to part no more until one or the other is called home to Him to wait for the other on the beautiful shore in the beautiful city of gold. Should my time come before we meet, remember I will be watching and waiting for you there, ready to welcome you in through the pearly gates of the city of gold……I remain yours always, Ed. S. Kortz.”

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